Our company
is one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear and beachwear in Europe.

Our brands are the epitome of beauty in and around the water.

Five brands, one goal: The perfect swimwear for every woman! This standard has made us one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear throughout Europe for many years. And that’s not all... The leading position that we hold internationally with our products is cause for celebration. But it’s also a commitment: to fashion, fit, innovation, quality and price.

More about our brands
Our brands: Sunflair, Olympia, Opera, Sunmarin and Wavebreaker

Swimwear at the highest level.
Take our word for it.

We are not an anonymous corporation,

but a traditional, owner-managed, medium-sized company. The third generation of the founding family is now ensuring the longevity of our achievements. A young, motivated and committed team keeps the ideas flowing and transforms them into beautiful swimwear.

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