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"Color Up Your Life" is the magic formula.

SUNFLAIR® makes the summer colourful. COLOR UP YOUR LIFE!

In addition to high quality and great fit, SUNFLAIR® has always been all about colour and eye-catching, breath-taking prints.

The current colour at the heart of the SUNFLAIR® collection is somewhat different: "Color Up Your Life" is the magic formula. The name says it all: These single coloured pieces come in a total of 9 colours – including black. In contrast to the regular SUNFLAIR® collection, "Color Up Your Life" runs for a full year, which means: no changes at the half-year mark! The collection features 7 different cuts: 3 bottoms, 2 bikini tops and 2 bathing suits. Current NOS items can therefore be matched with very stylish pieces. The bottoms come with a wide fit and side drawstrings for individual hip height adjustment. The second bottoms style come in a regular design, the trendy bottoms are very sexy, with cute, crossed straps instead of solid fabric on the sides.

The stylish bathing suit with removable fabric cups and the stylish bikini top feature enchanting back designs with multiple crossed over straps. Last but not least, there is a bandeau with incorporated soft cups and underwire, as well as removable straps. The NOS bikini top also features incorporated soft cups and underwire, as well as removable straps. The NOS bathing suit has incorporated soft cups and adjustable straps. In addition to all these collection features, the “Color Up Your Life” series also offers a variety of advantages for specialist retailers. At the top of that list is the continuous reorder and delivery options for all models! Any retailer can add to their stock at any time with the latest models and keep everything up to date.

Important to note: Riedl is pushing the envelope with the new product presentation. All items are packaged in premium quality, attractive boxes. Complete clarity, instead of a smorgasbord on the clothes rack! The Color Up Your Life presentation module is made for the retail boxes! A very well made, robust presentation column, consisting of modular cube elements. Retailers can now place the Color Up Your Life collection attractively, with good visibility at any location of the POS. This module is free of charge for retailers placing a sizeable pre-order. Also on offer: a matching POS element in the form of a ceiling dangler for additional, high-visibility new line advertising on-site at the POS. There is also an info stand available for the POS, which provides a good overview of the whole series. To kick off the retail season, Riedl will also put a lot of energy into supporting the program with their hashtag #colorupyourlife on social media platforms.

The complete Color Up Your Life series is made from the material ReNew Cult by Jersey Lomellina. The raw materials for the polyamide fibres are sourced entirely from recycled products. Old fishing nets are retrieved from the bottom of the ocean and forwarded to the recycling process. To keep the theme with the recycled materials, the marketing emphasises that all pieces are FSC-certified.